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Product Detail

Chainlink is made from interwoven wires and has a wide variety of uses from garden to stock fencing to light commercial fencing. It is available in a range of heights with galvanised coating (silver) or a PVC coating (green or black). All of our PVC Chainlink has a galvanised core. This will prevent the fence from rusting which will increase the life of it whilst also minimising its maintenance needs.

Our Chainlink fencing is known for its strength and durability and is perhaps the most economical type of fencing available. Typically, it should be erected on strong supports, preferably in concrete and with supporting wires strained as tight as possible in order to provide a long & trouble-free service.

The security level of chain link fencing is raised by increasing the height of the fence, the thickness of the wire, the post types used, combining it with barbed wire and/or razor wire or combining it with electronic security equipment. In addition, it may be used as a mammal-proof, such as Otter-proof, as shown in the image below.

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