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Recently, solar farms have been a fast-growing renewable resource in both the UK and Ireland due to their low carbon footprint and governments attempting to push towards producing renewable energy.

Mulligan Fencing have the ability and expertise to install the ground-mounted Solar Panel brackets, which hold the panels in place. These panels tend to be 2.5mtr by 4mtr and the panels are laid out in rows and slanted south facing.

Solar farms are generally leased by a Renewable Energy Developer from a land owner but as they require maintenance, there are gaps between the panels which allow grass to grow and sheep to graze. Mulligan Fencing can provide ideal stock-proof fencing to suit any Solar Farm.

Unfortunately, there have been increases in the theft & damage of solar panels. The costs can amount to thousands and the power output is reduced significantly also.
Mulligan Fencing can install Solar Farm Security fencing and gates such as Palisade or Weld Mesh. See the images below and contact us for your specific requirements.

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