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Our Strained Wire fence is suitable for highways in the UK and is popular on Irish roads due to the health and safety benefits when driving. In addition, it’s quite common to see stock proof fencing on farms and estates. The typical fence type requested is Sheep Wire with Barbed Wire as shown. However, for horses, a high tension mesh is more favourable and in fact RCD 300/20 and RCD 300/21 are becoming more and more popular along motorways. Both Ireland and the UK have plentiful deer in many parts and as a result Deer-Proof fencing is ideal for Solar Farms. Bull Wire (line wire) ensures larger animals, such as cattle, are contained within their field boundary.

We offer bespoke solutions to your specific requirement and with extremely quick turnaround times. Posts are typically timber or concrete.

Extensive range of heights available and all applications can be adapted with extensions for barbed wire and all mammal mitigation requirements to enhance the security offered.

With our excellent range of plant machinery, we have the ability to complete the job regardless of the terrain and ground conditions.

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