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Product Detail

Mulligan Fencing’s Palisade is a strong and durable fence which provides excellent protection against climbing and cut-through. It’s imposing appearance makes for an effective visual deterrent, while spiked tops, minimal foot holes and cutting-resistant solid steel vertical pales ensure excellent protection against unauthorised access, vandalism and attack.
Palisade fencing is the ideal solution for any business, school or public space in need of a strong, durable perimeter. Palisade is available in kit-form and pre-welded and is also available in a range of colours.

The SR2 Palisade is very popular amongst Data Halls and other high-security sites such as Airports, Ports and Utility Plants. It performs if attacked, to offer extra protection, due to it’s crash-rated properties. This palisade security fence delivers the classic visual deterrent of the standard palisade, but with a level of security, that’s rarely available in the commercial market for high-security fencing.
The SR2 has been rigorously tested by LPCB to LPS1175 B3 (previously known as SR2) to provide heavy-duty resistance and protection for over 3 minutes against experienced attack from tools of a higher mechanical advantage, such as bolt cutters, claw hammers and drills.

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