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Concrete Post with ‘Hit & Miss’ Timber Panel

Concrete Post with ‘Hit & Miss’ Timber Panel

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Mulligan Fencing have been fencing housing schemes and developments for over 25 years, where our experience and expertise is crucial to delivering the fence requirement, without disrupting the other trades people.

The Mulligan Fencing ‘Hit & Miss’ Timber Panel is an ideal fence solution for both commercial and residential properties providing privacy, security, shelter and a decorative surrounding to your garden.

The timber panel is generally slotted in between two concrete posts and is placed to fit neatly on a concrete base/ gravel board. This ensures that the fence can avoid contact with the ground and therefore any water or other rotting issues. In addition, we also level the topsoil etc as we close each garden.

At Mulligan Fencing, we manufacture our own timber panels at our ISO Accredited, pre-fabricated panel system, guaranteeing consistent quality every time.

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