Client: Glebe Builders/ Aldi Ireland

Project Detail

With roots dating back to 1913, Aldi (short for Albrecht Discount) entered the Irish market in 1999. Aldi is now one of Ireland’s fastest growing supermarkets and one of the world’s most successful retailers.

Over the years Mulligan Fencing have completed works on many of the large-scale retailers existing and new developments and we understand the requirements in aesthetically pleasing the general public.

At Aldi (photos shown are at the Trim and Kinnegad stores) we supplied and erected knee-railing around the carpark. The knee-railing is an effective way to mark the carpark boundary, while keeping an open-plan look. The result is an elegant finish which is pleasing to the Aldi customers.

In addition, we supplied and erected Timber Post and Rail outside of the carpark boundary to mark the outer perimeter.

Aldi Kinnegad Fence Aldi Kinnegad Fence Aldi Ireland Aldi Fence Aldi Ireland Aldi Kinnegad Fence Aldi Kinnegad Fence

Fencing Requirements

Project: Aldi Ireland