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Client: Gas Networks Ireland AGI
Contractor: BBCLG

Project Detail

Gas Networks Ireland required a security upgrade to a number of their Above Ground Installations (AGI) sites.

While all sites varied in terms of requirement and size, a brief overview included taking down the existing fence, which was typically chainlink.

Mulligan Fencing then installed 358 Prison Mesh in a concrete plinth in addition to Pedestrian & Vehicle Gates as part of the outer perimeter. For the inner perimeter, Palisade was installed in a concrete plinth. Again, Pedestrian and Vehicle gates were installed as per the plans.

Mulligan Fencing completed each site requirement in an efficient manner with fencing teams operating in Leinster, Munster & Connaught.

Prison Mesh AGI Palisade AGI Prison Mesh AGI Palisade AGI Prison Mesh AGI Palisade Gate AGI Prison Mesh AGI Prison Mesh AGI Gate Palisade and Prison Mesh in plinth at GNI AGI Palisade AGI GNI Prison Mesh in plinth

Fencing Requirements

Take down existing fence
Install 358 Prison Mesh with Plinth for outer perimeter
Install 358 Prison Mesh Emergency Pedestrian Gates (yellow)
Install 358 Prison Mesh Vehicle Gates
Install Palisade with plinth for inner perimeter
Install Palisade Emergency Pedestrian Gates (yellow)
Install Palisade Mesh Vehicle Gates

Project: Gas Networks Ireland