Malahide Castle, Dublin

Malahide Castle, Dublin

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Client: Fingal County

Project Detail

Malahide Castle, parts of which date to the 12th century, lies, with over 260 acres of remaining estate parkland, close to the village of Malahide, nine miles north of Dublin in Ireland.

The redevelopment works involved the screening off the current depot area, including sheds, yard, buildings and welfare units on both sides of the road. These works were to facilitate access for pedestrians from the village of Malahide in the most direct route to the redeveloped Malahide Castle and Gardens.

The project consisted of the demolition of an existing boundary wall, service ducting, kerbing installation, a 7m remote controlled sliding entrance gate, two key coded pedestrian gates, a 4m set of manual work entrance gates and 140m of 2.5m high Reflective Noise Barrier and cladding to an existing building. Top soil and preparation of planted areas was also included in the package. The project was completed on a programme of 14 working days from mobilization to client sign off.

The existing depot remained active during the construction period and Mulligan Fencing maintained a traffic management plan throughout the works.

Malahide Castle Malahide Castle Malahide Castle Malahide Castle Malahide Castle Malahide Castle

Fencing Requirements

  • Reflective Noise Barrier (2.5mtr high) 140mtr
  • Noise Barrier Gates (Automated) 7mtr
  • Manual Work Entrance Gates 4mtr x 2
Project: Malahide Castle, Dublin